“Contour Architectural Design-Industry” Closed Joint Stock Company (“Contour ADI” CJSC) is one of the leading company of Azerbaijan due to its design and construction and installation works carried out in the field of industry, housing, construction and reconstruction of household facilities, transport, energy, and construction of educational institutions. The Company began to operate as a cooperative in November, 1988 but at present acts as a Company.

“Contour ADI” CJSC has collaborated with Azerbaijan Railways, Ministry of Economy of Georgia “Marabda-Karsakhi Railways” LLC, AYİST Petrokimya San. və Ticarət AŞ, “Akkord Stik” OJSC, Azerbaijan International Operating Company, “SOCAR” “Barmek” AEN LLC, “Azpetrol” LTD, “Todini Construzioni General S.p.A”, “AKKORD QUM” LLC, “Soyuzkontakt-Trans”, “AzMeCo” OJSC and other companies during 32 years.

“Contour ADI” CJSC that having a good individual technical and material base and highly experienced employees, has implemented and delivered design and construction and installation work in each facility in high quality in compliance with world standards.

“Contour ADI” CJSC has a license and experience in the following activities:

  • Road construction;
  • Construction of railway lines;
  • Design of transportation devices;
  • Design of railways;
  • Design of engineering systems;
  • Design of power supply systems;
  • Design of control and measuring instruments, fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • Development of special project sections;
  • Design for the organization of construction;
  • Preparation of cost estimation.

“Contour ADI” CJSC has also participated in the design and construction of several objects of state and international concern:

  • Project and construction work in the construction of oil pipelines in the Northern and Western directions, laying fiber-optic cables in the direction of Baku-Boyuk Kesik for “Azerbaijan Railways” Closed Joint Stock Company, repair and reconstruction of residential areas for the refugees and internally displaced persons, and restoration of liberated residential settlements;
  • ‘Marabda-Karsakhi Railways” LLC, construction and design of Akhalkalaki railway station;
  • Capital repair and design of Mindanao Island Railways of the Republic of Philippines by the order of the Philippine National Railway.

“Contour ADI” CJSC carried out construction work of small objects for the construction of Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline and the reconstruction of power supply of high-rise residential buildings in the districts of Baku city by the order of “Barmek” AEN LLC.

Furthermore, our Company has also implemented the reconstruction of communication and power supply of Azerbaijan Railways, railway bridges, forced devices, access, and station roads under the order of the former Ministry of Economy.

Today “Contour ADI” CJSC has been carrying out all works for the establishment project of the demolition of 37 km old one-lane road of Saranja-Garadagh, soil deposit preparation for two-lane road, construction of forced devices, construction of the upper structure of two-lane road with new materials, and communication, contact network, and signaling infrastructure.

Moreover, “Contour ADI” CJSC has been implementing all works for the demolition of a two-lane road, construction of the upper structure of two-lane road with new materials on the projects of Yalama-Sumgayıt (174 km) and Sumgayıt-Yalama (174 km) under the order of TOO “Integra Construction KZ”.

Before carrying out the work volume that was submitted to our Company, all technical conditions are received from all relevant departments and organizations then work volumes are implemented on a tender. All existing power supply networks and communications are checked before the construction begins. This assignment is carried out in order to the construction of additional networks, as well as economic consumption of allocated funds during the construction process.